Posting this blog article written by someone I follow about her experiences.

Her writing moved me greatly, as she wrote about her recent loss. She has given permission for her piece to be shared to enable us to be able to talk about, and gain insight into people’s experiences with Cancer.

There are also links in her article to support and advice sites.

Thankyou Shona for sharing this. I have much admiration for you, and your writing from the heart to help others.

Creative Lovelies

Cancer is a word we shy away from. It’s a word that terrifies most and causes grief among many. It’s not a word you want to hear when being used about a loved one.

My mum was 49.

You would look at my mum and she would seem healthy. My mum looked at herself and she saw healthy.

Yet on the 11th November 2019 she was diagnosed with terminal liver cancer. A tumour to big to treat and a body to intoxicated with illness to cure.

I sat there with my dad and my sister and only heard that one word. Cancer. She was given weeks to months.

Weeks and months before, she was working and laughing.

When you know a family member has a short amount of time left you grasp onto every hug, every kiss and every I love you.

She had 19 days. All she got was…

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